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Build Your Own VoIP Phone Service

With a variety of functions and capabilities, the different digital business phone systems we offer serve a variety of needs across a wide range of industries. Pick your user type based on the features your employees need, then select your phone model. From there, the LineOneTM team is ready to customize and set up your new system with little-to-no downtime.

LineOneTM Basic

Basic users include all the features you would expect with a phone system. Make and receive calls, setup a conference call, see when other employees are on the phone and voicemail.

LineOneTM Mobile

Great for mobile users or teams that are on-the-go.

LineOneTM Advanced

Advanced users offer all the high-end features such as DID/ private line, mobile app, call recording, voicemail-to-email.

LineOneTM Custom

Choose any number of Basic, Advanced, and/or Mobile Users to fit your business needs.

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Yealink T53W

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YeaLink T53W Phone

Yealink T54W

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YeaLink T54W Phone

Yealink T57W

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YeaLink T57W Phone