Hosted VoIP phones a reliable solution for multi-office business

"LineOne provided one phone system to support all of our locations. Our phone system is now cost-effective and no longer a frustration."

Gretchen Connolly
Financial Controller
Paradigm Services, Inc.

Paradigm Services Inc. has been assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Wichita, Kansas, area since 2006.  Before Paradigm Services installed the LineOne Service, they utilized digital phone systems at each of their locations without networking their systems together.  LineOne conducted a discovery meeting and identified challenges that needed to be overcome.

Challenges needed to overcome

Challenge:  Paradigm Services had no easy way to communicate or transfer calls between locations.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne deployed Yealink VoIP phones to all locations and linked them to the LineOne geo-redundant hosted service. All phones, at all sites, are on a single hosted PBX, allowing all users to 4-digit dial or transfer calls to each other easily.


Challenge: Telecom costs were difficult to budget while maintaining multiple systems. Without a maintenance agreement in place, Paradigm Services could never budget the cost to maintain the digital system and faced unexpected surprise costs.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne provided Paradigm Services with a fully managed Hosted VoIP system (Yealink phones included) for a low monthly price. All remote service work and programming is included with the LineOne service. Paradigm Services is able to have LineOne Support Engineers make any changes needed to the hosted system, free of charge.


Challenge: The digital phone system was not reliable, was using outdated parts that could not be easily located when needing replacement, and was at the end of life.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne is an evergreen, hosted VoIP system that is safe in the cloud. It is geo-redundant in Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey and Las Vegas, and is monitored 24/7. The only hardware that is on the customer’s site is the IP phones. If a phone stops working, a new phone is quickly shipped by LineOne and can be replaced by the user. The LineOne system is always maintained to the highest standard and latest software levels.


Challenge: There were no options for remote teleworkers to use the digital phone system.

LineOne Solution:  If there is ever a need for a user to work remotely, they can easily connect to the LineOne system. With the LineOne hosted service, any user can bring a phone home from the office and connect to their internet or download the LineOne ReachUC app, which is included with all advanced user plans.