How can VoIP help in my business?

More and more businesses are using VoIP phone systems these days due to the increased efficiencies and lower cost compared to traditional telephone systems. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and means the phone system is cloud based, or run on the internet rather than via traditional telephone cables.

Why Use VoIP for Business

When CEOs and CFOs learn about the cost savings of switching to a VoIP phone system, they are intrigued.

Once they learn about the employee benefits that come in increased functionality of these phone systems, enhanced opportunities for customer service, unlimited calls, call routing and mobile apps, they are ready to switch to a VoIP phone system.

Cost: How to Reduce Your Business Phone Bill with VoIP

VoIP phone systems typically cost less than traditional phone systems. This is partly because the systems are cloud based and run on the internet rather than through traditional telephone cables.

Virtually all businesses use the Internet, so this cost is already included in their annual budgets.

Additionally, with VoIP, long distance calling is non-existent. It does not matter where you are calling, as the cost remains the same for local or non-local phone numbers.

One of the major costs of traditional phone systems is actually maintaining and upgrading the system. About every 7 to 10 years, businesses must upgrade their phone system, and this can come with a great cost. When using VoIP phone systems, such as LineOne Business Phone Systems, customers simply pay one monthly cost and the provider ensures the system is advanced and up to date.

By using VoIP, a company also does not need to contract with multiple service providers for data and mobile services, as these can be included in the VoIP system.

At LineOne, clients benefit from a single source for their telecom, including equipment, support and service. In addition to cost savings, there are efficiencies savings as well. Clients no longer need to deal with big carrier s and can easily receive LineOne customer support when needed.

Increased Functionality: What are the advantages of VoIP for Business

Work from Anywhere: With a VoIP phone system, employees can be connected whether they are in the office, working from home, or traveling. This is a much-needed business phone function as businesses quickly learned in 2020; after the Coronavirus pandemic forced many employers to close their offices and allow staff to work from home, those without an advanced, flexible phone system struggled with keeping their staff and customers connected. Learn how VoIP has made remote working easier.

Voicemails to your inbox: VoIP phone systems allow for voicemails to get converted to text and sent directly to employees’ email inboxes. This helps save time and allows employees to easily forward on messages that would be better answered by another employee.

Auto Attendants and After Hours Answering: The ability for customization really is endless with VoIP phone systems. Set your main office number to ring to multiple employees working from home so you know the line will get answered even if one is out to lunch.

Setting up an auto attendant allows the phone to be answered by a machine, which can give callers a recorded message with options to choose which department or person they would like to speak with. This way, you don’t need to have a receptionist manning the phones constantly, and your calls will still be directed to the correct person or department.

The auto attendant is also a great option for after-hours telephone answering, as the callers can still get routed to the correct voicemail rather than leaving a general message or needing to wait until the next day to call back. You would hate to miss out on a new customer simply because they called and got no answer.

Additional advanced features include call recording and Internet Fax Solutions.

Less Hardware and Software to Manage

When using a VoIP phone system, your VoIP for business provider, LineOne, will manage your hardware and software for you. This creates efficiencies on both the operations and IT side of your business. Allow the phone experts to do what they do best while you focus on what you do best – your business!

To learn more about the LineOne VoIP phone system and whether it would help solve problems for your business, please contact us here.