How VoIP Phone Solutions Promote Remote Work

As the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to change their office protocols and allow remote work, many smaller businesses struggled with technology and how to connect their employees and customers in an efficient way.

However, VoIP phone providers, and some companies who had allowed remote working for years prior, already knew that VoIP phone systems have made remote working easier.

The main reason for this is because VoIP phones can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. Employees who were previously working in the office can simply bring home their IP phones from the office and connect to their home internet.

They will keep the same phone numbers and are able to use the same phone functionality they had in the office, including dialing their co-worker’s extensions and transferring calls.

Another option is for employees to download the LineOne ReachUC app on their smartphones, which is included with all advanced user plans. Employees can then use this app to utilize their business phone features while working at home or traveling.

If a business is setting up a remote VoIP phone system, there are other options, as well, including issuing two phones to certain employees who spend significant time in the office and at home, or between different office locations. These phones can be set to ring simultaneously or forward, so the employee will not miss a call regardless of location.

LineOne is happy to speak with you about your particular business needs and what will work best for you. Our years of experience have allowed us to solve a variety of customer challenges. With a VoIP phone system, remote working can become just like another day at the office. Please contact us here to learn more.