Requirements to set up a VoIP phone line

Business owners looking to set up a new VoIP phone system sometimes feel overwhelmed by the process. With a good VoIP phone provider, the process of installing or setting up a new VoIP phone system can be quite painless.

What are the requirements to set up a VoIP phone line?

The main requirement to have before you can set up a VoIP phone line is reliable, high-speed internet. Because VoIP phone systems run on the internet, it is essential that a business’ internet is running optimally to have the best phone coverage.

What basic set-up equipment is needed for VoIP?

Typically the equipment to set up a VoIP phone system includes a modem, a router, a battery backup and a phone. However, LineOne manages all the hardware for you, meaning the only equipment you need to have on site are the phones. Phones are available for lease or purchase from LineOne.

You will also need high-speed broadband Internet in order for your VoIP system to work.

A LineOne specialist will work with you to ensure you get the correct phones with the right features for your specific business needs.

How/where do I plug in a VOIP phone?

To plug in your VoIP phone, plug an Ethernet cord into the LAN port on your phone. Plug the other end into your router. Plug the electrical cable into an electrical outlet.

Again, please don’t worry about the little steps like how to plug in your VoIP phone. Your LineOne technician will help you set up your phone system. Please leave the heavy lifting to us!