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LineOneTM customizes a fully managed hosted office phones system that will meet all the business needs of today. Serving Lake Charles, LA, and all of North America.

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Select the type of user needed for each of your employees.


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Our technical support team will easily install and activate your system, or make it easy to install it yourself if you choose to do so.

Popular LineOneTM Users

LineOneTM Basic

Basic users include all the features you would expect with a phone system. Make and receive calls, setup a conference call, see when other employees are on the phone and voicemail.

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Starting at $25/month

LineOneTM Mobile

Great for mobile users or teams that are on-the-go.

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Starting at $30/month

LineOneTM Advanced

Advanced users offer all the high-end features such as DID/ private line, mobile app, call recording, voicemail-to-email.

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Starting at $35/month

LineOneTM Custom

Choose any number of Basic, Advanced, and/or Mobile Users to fit your business needs.

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All LineOneTM systems require (1) Main Number at $15.00/month.

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Yealink T53W

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YeaLink T57W Phone

LineOneTM is a Customizable Hosted VoIP Phone Solution

With LineOneTM as your hosted VoIP solution, your employees can communicate exactly how they want - from their smartphone, desk phone or the office extension of their choice.

  • Voice-to-Email
  • Call Recording
  • Internet Fax Solutions
  • Evergreen Cloud Life
  • Direct Inward Dial/Private Line
  • Control Communication Costs
  • Connect Telephone to Smartphone
  • Customers Never Receive a Busy Signal
  • New System Will Be Safe In The Cloud
  • Single and Multi-location Solutions
Your Phone System Will Be Fully Managed and Fully Supported

Unlike other telecommunication providers, we take a comprehensive approach to service that doesn't end after installation. We offer hands-on training, and technical support is ongoing.

Business telephone systems have changed immensely from the time when businesses in Lake Charles had to purchase, own and maintain their onsite PBX phone systems. Your frustrations with telephone companies and all the major pain points as a business owner, office manager or IT manager can be eliminated with LineOne business phone services. LineOne is a fully managed VoIP phone system, meaning you no longer have to deal with other phone companies like AT&T or COX as your dial tone provider, nor your local Lake Charles business telephone equipment provider. Receive one total telephone bill for all your services. The LineOne team will manage all of the telecommunication needs of your business from dial tone to telephone, and your company eliminates the need to own any telephone equipment. LineOne hosted VoIP phone systems allow you to lease or purchase your telephone sets. Because the LineOne office phone system is fully managed, any work or customization you might need to make to your system is available at no extra charge. Also find comfort in knowing that if any severe weather hits Lake Charles, your customer inbound calls will always be answered by the LineOne system. At any time, incoming calls can be rerouted to a satellite office or to cell phones, even if the electricity is out at your office in the Lake Charles area. The LineOne office phone system is geo-redundant with data centers in Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV and New Jersey to insure your business calls and phones are always working. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact LineOne at (337) 485-4285.

LineOneTM Works with All Internet Service Providers

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single location

Single Location

Your business may be small, but your communication system doesn't have to be. Equip your small business with enterprise-level features to keep your business connected in a way that works for you.

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multiple location


Across town or across the country, we keep your business connected. Pay-as-you-grow to keep costs proportional to your operations as your business expands. Get an instant quote or call to speak directly with our team.

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