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Toshiba Phone System Repair Service and Support

Do you need to speak to a Toshiba Business Telephone System expert? LineOne is best known for its hosted business phone solution but also has a highly trained Toshiba factory-certified technical team and still supports Toshiba business phone systems across the U.S.

Our Toshiba Support Team has 34 years of experience with the entire family of Toshiba telephone system products. If you are having issues with your KSU (Key Service Unit), CPU, CO Card, PRI Card, Station Card, IP Interface Voicemail System, or Power Supply, we can help you. LineOne Toshiba Repair and Support can also assist with all peripheral equipment such as Toshiba Call Center Software, paging speakers, Plantronics headsets, door phones, and access control. If you need assistance with some of the Toshiba phone features like hold, call park, call transfer, transfer to voicemail, conference call setup, paging, we can help. We have a nationwide network of technicians that can be dispatched to your location anywhere in the U.S. if needed. Call the LineOne Toshiba Support team at (337) 345-4008

The LineOne Toshiba Help Desk is open from 8am to 5pm CST. We also have Toshiba factory-certified technicians on call to respond to your needs 24/7. So, if you have a service affecting issue with your Toshiba system, please call us anytime at (337) 345-4008.

What happened to Toshiba Telecommunications System Division?

On March 21, 2017, all Toshiba dealers, including Universal ComOne/ LineOne, received letters announcing the "wind-down of the Telecommunications System Division (TSD)." This event left Universal ComOne/ LineOne and dealers across the country with limited-to-no future support from Toshiba. At the time of this event, it was the start of many failures of legacy on-premise telephone systems other than just Toshiba.

Universal ComOne is now LineOne!

On January 1, 2021, one of the largest Toshiba Dealers, Universal ComOne, officially merged with LineOne. LineOne has retained all management, and Toshiba certified technical staff who have supported Toshiba small business phone systems for decades. The LineOne Toshiba Support Team still has a passion for managing and supporting the legacy Toshiba Telephone Systems. We are still supporting Toshiba Strata DK, Strata CTX, Strata CIX, and the Toshiba IPledge.

Is it time to replace your Toshiba Phone System?

That depends on many factors. Some parts are easy to obtain, and others have software restrictions that make them difficult to replace. Most Toshiba phones can be replaced easily. We have helped many customers gain more life out of their Toshiba business phone system. We will be straightforward and honest when the cost of supporting an aging Toshiba phone system is no longer viable. Let us evaluate your Toshiba system's current status and give you all your options to make the right decision for your business. Please call us at (337) 345-4008 and talk to one of our LineOne Toshiba factory-certified technicians.

What is the life expectancy of the Toshiba Business Telephone System?

All good things will come to an end. Most Toshiba phone system customers retain their Toshiba system well beyond the life of the system. When looking at premise-based phone systems, many reliable phone systems are at the end of life and no longer supported by the manufacture. This end-of-life issue is not isolated to just Toshiba. Brands like Nortel, NEC, Panasonic, Iwatsu are also no longer have strong support. From our long history with the Toshiba product, we have determined a premise-based phone system's average life is (10) ten years. We are currently supporting Toshiba systems beyond the average life of (10) ten years, but this comes with a risk of failure beyond the ability to repair. The most vulnerable components are the CPU and the voicemail system. Each time there is a high cost to repair, we advise the customer what path is best suited for their situation. We help our customers determine when it is no longer advantageous to keep investing in a phone system that is well beyond its end-of-life.

What cost should you be evaluating to help decide if you should continue repairing your Toshiba phone system?

There are many costs to supporting your Toshiba phone system. Every business owner or administrator should evaluate their average expenses that make their business communications operate.

  1. Should you invest a significant amount after a major component fails with your Toshiba phone system now that it is at the end of life?
  2. What is the average monthly cost for repairs and program changes?
  3. What is the monthly cost for dial tone, POTS lines, PRI, DIDs, and fax lines?
  4. What is the monthly cost for Answering Service services?
  5. Would more advanced features make your business more productive? DID (Private number to each phone), Call Record, Voice Mail to Email, Auto Attendant to page employee on-call after hours, intergrading your smartphone to your business phone system, and one phone system for multiple locations can make your business more efficient and more profitable?

All the above costs should be considered in deciding if you keep your Toshiba telephone system active or if it is time to upgrade. If you choose to upgrade your Toshiba system, please contact us at (337) 345-4008 about the LineOne phone system. We have a proven transition plan from your Toshiba phone system to the LineOne phone system.

What states in the US can we support Toshiba business systems?

New HampshireNH
New JerseyNJ
New MexicoNM
North CarolinaNC
North DakotaND
Rhode IslandRI
South CarolinaSC
South DakotaSD
West VirginiaWV

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Contact us for Toshiba Phone Support and Questions at (337) 345-4008


LineOne has the parts in stock to repair your Toshiba Business Telephone System.

LineOne was formally one of the largest Toshiba Business Telephone Systems dealers in the United States. We still have many of the Toshiba parts in stock that may be needed to repair your Toshiba phone systems. Please contact us for your Toshiba maintenance needs at (337) 345-4008.

Part Warehouse

Toshiba Phone Systems Support
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LineOne Supports and Services the following Toshiba Parts

  • Toshiba ABCS1A
  • Toshiba ACTU
  • Toshiba AD970
  • Toshiba ADKU
  • Toshiba AETS1A
  • Toshiba AMDS1A
  • Toshiba APSU112A
  • Toshiba ARCS
  • Toshiba ASTU1A
  • Toshiba B50MT1A
  • Toshiba BATHC1A(W)
  • Toshiba BATI1A(W)
  • Toshiba BCOCIS1A
  • Toshiba BCOCIU1A
  • Toshiba BCTC1A
  • Toshiba BCTU2A
  • Toshiba BDCL1A-MS1
  • Toshiba BDKS1A
  • Toshiba BDKU1A
  • Toshiba BESCB1A+PS
  • Toshiba BESCB1A+PS
  • Toshiba BEXU
  • Toshiba BHEU1A
  • Toshiba BIOU1A
  • Toshiba BIPU-Q1A
  • Toshiba BPCI1A
  • Toshiba BPSU672
  • Toshiba BPTU1A
  • Toshiba BRCS1A-4
  • Toshiba BSIS
  • Toshiba BSLS1A
  • Toshiba BSLU1A
  • Toshiba BSTC1U2A
  • Toshiba BSTCIU1A
  • Toshiba BSTU
  • Toshiba BT1009
  • Toshiba BT2499
  • Toshiba BT930
  • Toshiba BTSA1A
  • Toshiba BTSD1A
  • Toshiba BVSU1A
  • Toshiba BWDKU1A
  • Toshiba CHSU28
  • Toshiba CHSU40
  • Toshiba CHSUB112
  • Toshiba CHSUB672
  • Toshiba CHSUE112
  • Toshiba CHSUE672
  • Toshiba CRSUB672A
  • Toshiba CRSUE672A
  • Toshiba DADM 2020
  • Toshiba DADM3020
  • Toshiba DADM3120
  • Toshiba DADM3220
  • Toshiba DDCB
  • Toshiba DDM5060
  • Toshiba DDSS2060
  • Toshiba DDSS3060
  • Toshiba DDSS3260
  • Toshiba DDSS3260
  • Toshiba DKSU 8
  • Toshiba DKSU 96
  • Toshiba DKSUB 280
  • Toshiba DKSUB 424
  • Toshiba DKSUB14
  • Toshiba DKSUB16
  • Toshiba DKSUB40
  • Toshiba DKSUBi40
  • Toshiba DKSUBT16A
  • Toshiba DKSU-E 424
  • Toshiba DKSUE16
  • Toshiba DKSUE40
  • Toshiba DKSUET16A
  • Toshiba DKT 2004 CT
  • Toshiba DKT 2010H
  • Toshiba DKT 2010HW
  • Toshiba DKT 2010S
  • Toshiba DKT 2010-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 2010-SDW
  • Toshiba DKT 2020FDSP
  • Toshiba DKT 2020S
  • Toshiba DKT 2020-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 2020SDW
  • Toshiba DKT 2104-CT
  • Toshiba DKT 2204-CT
  • Toshiba DKT 2304-CT
  • Toshiba DKT 2404-DECT
  • Toshiba DKT 2404-UDR200
  • Toshiba DKT 2504-DECT
  • Toshiba DKT 3007-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 3010-S
  • Toshiba DKT 3010-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 3020-S
  • Toshiba DKT 3020-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 3201
  • Toshiba DKT 3207-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 3210-S
  • Toshiba DKT 3210-SD
  • Toshiba DKT 3214-SDL
  • Toshiba DKT 3220-S
  • Toshiba DKT 3220-SD
  • Toshiba DP 5008
  • Toshiba DP 5018-S
  • Toshiba DP 5022-SD
  • Toshiba DP 5022-SDM
  • Toshiba DP 5032-SD
  • Toshiba DP 5122-SD
  • Toshiba DP 5130-FSDL
  • Toshiba DP 5130-SDL
  • Toshiba DP 5132-SD
  • Toshiba DT9000
  • Toshiba DVSU
  • Toshiba EKT 6015H
  • Toshiba EKT 6015S
  • Toshiba EKT 6015SD
  • Toshiba EKT 6020H
  • Toshiba EKT 6510H
  • Toshiba EKT 6510S
  • Toshiba EKT 6520H
  • Toshiba EKT 6520SD
  • Toshiba EXP 9785
  • Toshiba EXP9302
  • Toshiba EXP9385
  • Toshiba GCDU1A
  • Toshiba GCDU2A
  • Toshiba GCOCIH1A
  • Toshiba GCTU1A
  • Toshiba GCTU2A
  • Toshiba GETS1A
  • Toshiba GIPH-X1A
  • Toshiba GIPU8-1A
  • Toshiba GSTU
  • Toshiba GVMU
  • Toshiba GVPH1A
  • Toshiba HDSS 6560
  • Toshiba HESB
  • Toshiba HESC1A-65
  • Toshiba HHEU2
  • Toshiba HKSU 705
  • Toshiba HPFB-6
  • Toshiba HPSU9120
  • Toshiba IADM 2020
  • Toshiba IDM5060
  • Toshiba IDSS2060
  • Toshiba I-EC-1A
  • Toshiba I-EC2-ACD-VL
  • Toshiba I-EC2U-VL
  • Toshiba I-EC-320-HDD
  • Toshiba I-EC-BZL-1A
  • Toshiba I-EC-RLx-1A
  • Toshiba I-EC-SW
  • Toshiba I-EM-1A
  • Toshiba I-EM-BZL-1A
  • Toshiba I-EP-1A
  • Toshiba IES16
  • Toshiba IES16-XP
  • Toshiba IES16-XPE
  • Toshiba IES32
  • Toshiba IMDU
  • Toshiba IP 5022-SD
  • Toshiba IP 5122-SD
  • Toshiba IP 5122-SDC
  • Toshiba IP 5131-SDL
  • Toshiba IP 5132-SD
  • Toshiba IP 5531-SDL
  • Toshiba IP 5622-SD
  • Toshiba IP 5631-SDL-LIC
  • Toshiba IP4100-BASE
  • Toshiba IP4100-BELTCLIP
  • Toshiba IP4100-DECT
  • Toshiba IP4100-MOUNT
  • Toshiba IP5531-SDl
  • Toshiba IPT 2010-SD
  • Toshiba IPT 2020-SD
  • Toshiba IPT2010-SDC
  • Toshiba K4RCU2
  • Toshiba K5RCU2
  • Toshiba KCOU
  • Toshiba KM5020
  • Toshiba KSTU1
  • Toshiba KSTU2
  • Toshiba LADP2000-SA
  • Toshiba LIPS-X1A
  • Toshiba LIPU-X1A
  • Toshiba LM5110
  • Toshiba LUCA-SM-4P-GP
  • Toshiba LVMU1A
  • Toshiba MDFB
  • Toshiba MIPU16-1A
  • Toshiba MIPU24-1A
  • Toshiba PDKU2
  • Toshiba PEKU
  • Toshiba PEPU
  • Toshiba PIOU
  • Toshiba PIOUS
  • Toshiba PPTC-9
  • Toshiba QCDU
  • Toshiba QRCU3A
  • Toshiba QSTU
  • Toshiba R48S1A
  • Toshiba RCIS1A
  • Toshiba RCIU
  • Toshiba RCOS
  • Toshiba RCOU
  • Toshiba RCTUA
  • Toshiba RCTUBA
  • Toshiba RCTUBB
  • Toshiba RCTUCD4
  • Toshiba RDCC1A
  • Toshiba RDDU
  • Toshiba RDSU
  • Toshiba RDTU
  • Toshiba RGLU
  • Toshiba RMDS
  • Toshiba RPCI-DI
  • Toshiba RPSU
  • Toshiba RPTU
  • Toshiba RRCS
  • Toshiba RRCU1A
  • Toshiba RSIU
  • Toshiba RSTU
  • Toshiba SG-4L-4
  • Toshiba SG-DK-4
  • Toshiba SG-F-2
  • Toshiba SG-F-4
  • Toshiba SG-IVP8
  • Toshiba TCIU
  • Toshiba TCOU
  • Toshiba WIP 5000