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Simplified Business Communications

Your business communications don’t have to be complicated. With LineOne™, your small business phone system is fully-managed for you—by real people that offer real support. For the entire life of your system, the team at LineOne™ manages all updates, features and phones on your network to simplify your communications and let you run your business.

A Phone System Suited for You

During our Discovery phase, we take a deep-dive into your company and assess your current communication system. We'’ll find what you need in a small business phone system and where your active system falls short. We work to develop the perfect solution for your business and follow through with an easy purchasing process. This means fewer burdens for your team, and you never have to miss a beat.
LineOne Our Company
LineOne Our Company

Designed for your Unique Business

After our Discovery, we sit down with you to go over our recommended solutions. Our fully-managed and fully-customizable systems allow for unique preferences to be set for each individual employee, tailoring phones to fit their users and maximizing the usability of your system.

Real Support from Real People

With your new phone system selected and set-up, we make sure the transition is seamless for every one of your employees. Our staff trains yours to maximize the potential of your new system, and we are always available to adapt your phone system as your business needs change.

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LineOne Our Company
LineOne Our Company

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