A focus on OUR customers, puts the focus on YOUR customers

"We have 18 locations, and we had problems with our previous hosted phone system. LineOne discovered all our pain points, proposed our solution, and executed what they promised."

Jody Johnson
Store Manager
Sunshine Quality Solutions

Sunshine Quality Solutions is a successful John Deere dealership with 18 locations across south Louisiana. The corporate office located in Donaldsonville, LA. 


Challenges needed to overcome

Challenge:  Sunshine Quality Solutions had tried two other hosted phone systems without success. It was important that each Sunshine location was able to build a relationship with its local customers and have a small business feel to the way they communicate.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne conducted an extensive discovery meeting with Sunshine Quality Solutions to obtain detailed information on how “call flow” would be best for each location.  All locations were then custom programmed, and local staff participated in a live training of their LineOne System.


Challenge:  Sunshine Quality Solutions' previous hosted phone provider had attempted to teach their users and administrator how to use a portal to program and make changes to the phone system.  This made managing the phone system for 18 locations very frustrating, according to Store Manager Jody Johnson.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne has a philosophy to always service the customer first.  Even though we have a portal for customers to make changes if they wish to do so, we always encourage our customers to contact the LineOne Support team. We make all program changes at no charge. We want our customers to focus on their business, and let the LineOne team concentrate on supporting their hosted VoIP telephone system.


Challenge: Previous phones were not user-friendly telephones, and end-users could not transfer calls easily. This caused dropped customer calls and created negative perceptions of the Sunshine Quality Solutions brand and staff.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne replaced all phone sets with Yealink T54 and T52 telephones.  From our years of experience, LineOne has been able to customize every Yealink phone we have deployed.  These changes allow basic and advanced users to learn and adapt to the LineOne system quickly.  During deployment, all new users are invited to a live training of their new system.  After users have been trained and have used the system, users can request additional customization to their phones if needed.