LineOne saves client $100K annually

“JD Bank is a growing bank with 24 locations. We have achieved major cost savings and have freed up IT staff hours with LineOne hosted PBX. LineOne is our Telecom Department now!”

Bavo Gall
Chief Information Officer
JD Bank

JD Bank is a growing community bank with (24) Twenty four locations.


Challenges needed to overcome

Challenge:  In the past, JD Bank has had traditional facility-based phone systems that were very costly.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne conducted an extensive discovery meeting and working together with the JD Bank IT Team, LineOne was able to assist in achieving an annual savings of over $100,000 as well as streamline all telecommunications efforts.


Challenge:  Past phone systems were difficult to manage and took too many IT Department resource hours.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne recognized JD Bank’s need for more support. LineOne is now fully engaged with JD Bank’s telecom ongoing needs and acts as the offsite Telecom Department, according to JD Bank CIO Bavo Gall. This has greatly reduced the number of hours and resources the JD Bank team needs to spend on the phone system.