Unlimited call volume and a contingency plan for hurricane season

“LineOne has lowered my telephone expenses! They custom programmed my system, fully trained all my staff, and have always provided us with white-glove support.”

Jady Regard
Chief Nut Officer
Cane River Pecan Company

Cane River Pecan Company is a nationwide corporate gifting fulfillment company.  The company has been in business for over 50 years and has VIP executive clients across the US.  At the time Cane River Pecan Company was considering LineOne, they were utilizing a hosted phone system from a competitor.  LineOne conducted an assessment meeting and discovered challenges to overcome.


Challenges needed to overcome

Challenge:  Cane River Pecan Company receives call-in orders all year long with heavy call volume in the months before Christmas.  The previous hosted system had fixed trunk quantities and had to be manually increased with an extra cost during the peak call volume months, then decreased after.

LineOne Solution:  The LineOne service does not have any limitations to the number of calls that can be simultaneously received.  The system can have all phones on a call and have calls in queue to be answered.  Cane River Pecan Company no longer needs to add or minimize trunking due to seasonal call volume changes.


Challenge:  Cane River Pecan Company was opening a new retail store and future pie café a few miles away from the corporate office and needed the ability to transfer calls between locations.  They also needed the ability to see who was on the phone at the other site.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne assisted in planning the phone system needs for the new retail store and back-office call groups.  At the time of opening, all phones were pre-installed, tested, and new staff trained.  LineOne also programed busy lamps on all phones so users can see busy phones at the other location.  They can now communicate as one team on one system despite being in different locations.


Challenge: Peak phone traffic months overlapped hurricane season in South Louisiana.  A telecom disaster recovery plan is imperative to business continuity.

LineOne Solution:  LineOne programmed an offline destination for all incoming calls. This way, during any power outage or interruption of internet service, calls will automatically be rerouted to the destination, with no calls being missed.